S1E2: A Candid Conversation About Choosing a Public Health Career Abroad with Dr. Anurima Baidya

Welcome to the second episode of GPHX podcast! Today Umme, Parth and Pranab are talking to Dr. Anurima Baidya, MBBS, MPH. She is a medical doctor from India, who has extensive experience of working in community health settings. She completed her MPH from Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health, where she graduated with the Outstanding Capstone Award for her MPH thesis on clinical and epidemiological markers of inflammation for chronic lung diseases in people with HIV in India. She currently works a Research Associate with the International Vaccine Access Center. 

During this chat we have a candid and free-wheeling conversation about choosing a career in public health after clinical training in India. We reflect on the challenges of finding mentors and making space as women in global health. We reflect on the challenge of working in global health, encouraging decolonization, and sometimes not being able to find the right mix! Anurima shares some interesting insights about writing the perfect Statement of Purpose and highlights some of the key takeaways that got her selected for programs at Harvard and Hopkins.

We talk about a few documents and guidances, which are linked below:

– Dr. Madhukar Pai’s advice on how to write “cold emails” seeking potential mentors: TeachEpi

– Dr. Soumyadeep Bhaumik and Dr. VR Keshri’s paper on dismantling the feudal structures in global health: BMJ Global Health. (This does not come up explicitly, but would be a good accompanying read for some of the topics we discuss)

– The Harvard University’s NFHS Policy Tracker website curated by Dr. SV Subramanian’s team: NFHS Policy Tracker

Anurima is also happy to connect with any listeners who may want to pick her brain about advice on careers in public health! Please feel free to write in to Umme, Parth or me at the linked GPHX email addresses if you have any comments or questions or suggestions about the podcast. If you know of any interesting public health role models that you would want us to reach out to and talk, let us know! We will try to reach out and arrange a GPHX meet!

Till we meet again!

Umme, Parth and Pranab.

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